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A closer look: Manuel Hernandez 11/19/23

This exhibition is made possible thanks to a donation from Lisa C. Whitney, a FRIEDAcommunity member.

FRIEDAcommunity is proud to announce Manuel Hernandez first solo show and first exhibition in Philadelphia.

Manuel Hernandez redraws the history of his ancestors and reconnects with his Indigenous roots from a Latinx perspective. He creates large-scale works that integrate the past with contemporary life. 

His subjects are the current brown leaders he finds in the Latinx community who have personally inspired him. He captures their thoughts and paints them in an elegant, confident style. The resulting artworks are shaped like the animal hide paintings of Indigenous people. Their large scale recalls the ancient fresco murals found in the temples of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Both of these artistic traditions break away from European traditions and are connected to Native American painting history.



100% of the sale proceeds of any artwork during the exhibition go to the artist. In return, we have asked that selected artists schedule time to engage with our community through a  workshop, a demonstration, or a discussion.


WED 10/11 – 6:00 pm – (Click:) Panel discussion – Truth and Justice
WED 10/25 – 5:30 pm – (Click:) Movie Night & Dinner – Warrior Women
WED 11/01 – 6:00 pm – (Click:) Artist Talk – Manuel Hernandez
WED 11/04 – 5:30 pm – (Click:) Giving Thanks – Supper (64th)



FRIEDAcommunity – A closer look: Manuel Hernandez
October 6 – November 19
Tuesday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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