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You can now experience our program of activities and events as a Guest or as a Member. While most of the program is available to Guests, due to limited capacity and high demand, some activities and events may be reserved for Members.
When you participate in FRIEDAcommunity, you are joining like-minded people who embrace the belief that everyone’s life is richer when we connect with those of other generations and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. You will meet an eclectic group of people who value mutual respect, share a sense of curiosity, keep an open mind, and care for one another. Some will become mahjong partners, walking buddies, or friendly faces when you cross paths; some will become travel companions and long-term friends. FRIEDAcommunity brings people together.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at an event, workshop, or excursion!

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Considerations Applicable to Guests and Members

Shared Values and Standards of Conduct
FRIEDAcommunity guests and members embrace and support the mission of (re)connecting generations, and all demonstrate mutual respect and care. For more information, please review our House Rules.
Information Privacy
FRIEDAcommunity will use the personal information you provide to us in connection with your registration as a Guest or Member, for an activity or event in accordance with FRIEDAcommunity’s Privacy Policy.

Member's Annual Contribution

The annual membership contribution of $125 is your financial participation to support our mission of (re)connecting generations and to strengthen our community.

This contributes to:
- Subsidizing the cost of classes and workshops while guaranteeing fair and rewarding compensation for instructors
- Partially funding participatory art projects and large-scale art installations that engage the community
- Hosting our two annual group art exhibitions, held at FRIEDA, which promote the artists and guarantee that 100% of an artwork’s sale proceeds go to the artist
- Spotlight, through theme-focused panel discussions and presentations, like-minded people and organizations whose work contributes to strengthening our communities (e.g., Project HOME, Philabundance, HIAS, etc.)
Member Benefits
- Discounts for fee-based program activities
- Early registration for classes, workshops, events, excursions, etc.
- Invitations to members-only events, including our annual anniversary party, opening cocktails of art exhibitions…
Membership Resignation, Cancelation, and Termination
Members may resign or cancel their membership at any time. FRIEDAcommunity may terminate for cause the membership of any member. No refunds will be offered.
Changes in Membership Rules and Program Activity Terms and Conditions
From time to time, FRIEDAcommunity may change its membership rules or the terms and conditions of any program activity. Any such changes will be posted at www.frieda.community.

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