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A closer look: The unseen… 6/4/22

Join us for this talk with some of the artists from FRIEDAcommuniy’s P E O P L E art exhibition. What ties them together is their choice – perhaps their need – to use art to portray and examine social issues, including homelessness, racism, other forms of segregation and exclusion, and war. We will explore their motivations in choosing these issues as subjects for their art. What do they hope to achieve? How will they know if they have succeeded in capturing “hearts and minds”? How can art help to create awareness and lead to improvements?

A. P. Ferrell / Kateryna Gritsak * / Carolyn Harper / Anastasia Kondratiuk * / Alexis Joseph /
*presented by Karina Smyrnova

Date: Saturday, June 4
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: FRIEDA, 320 Walnut Street
Registration: Reservation only. At least 1 day prior to the event.
Admission free.
FRIEDA offers a wide range of beverages, cold and hot, as well as a variety of freshly made foods.

Masking recommended during this event.
Maximum capacity will be in line with guidelines and mandates issued by the relevant local authorities.

Registration only.
Mask recommended during this event.
Sign Up: Please sign up via email

FRIEDAcommunity asks that selected artists schedule time to engage our community through a workshop, a demonstration, or participation in one of our Community art projects. As a reminder, 100% of the sale proceeds of any artwork during the exhibition go to the artist.

A. P. Ferrell
A. P. Ferrell holds a B.A. degree from Hamilton College, an M.Ed. from the University of Washington (Seattle),and an M.A. in gender studies from Central European University (Budapest). She expects to complete her PhD in rhetoric and public culture at Northwestern University in 2023. Ashley’s research explores rhetorics of reconciliation, race, and the retelling of institutional histories. Their current project focuses on the U.S. university as a site of racial redress, asking how universities reconcile legacies of slavery alongside contemporary racial injustices. In addition to their research, Ashley currently serves as a graduate student T.A. for Northwestern’s Gender and Sexuality Studies program. Outside of academia, Ashley has worked with nonprofit organizations in development and consulting capacities.

Portrait Kateryna Gritsak

Kateryna Gritsak
I’m Ukrainian and am acting as a part of the art forces of my country, so my mission is to show you my paintings. My world shines when I pick up a brush, and I realize that I will never stop creating. This process helps demonstrate the inner state and emotions without words. I think the feelings of all the people on the planet are very important, no matter what country they live in. Everyone should remember this, and that’s why I’m drawing via my soul now. Education: 2004-2011 State Art School of Kyiv; 2011-2015 Kyiv College of Construction, Architecture and Design; 2015-2020 Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Portrait Carolyn Harper

Carolyn Harper
Born in Rochester, NY, Carolyn Harper was educated at Kenyon College (B.A.) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.F.A.). She is an educator and artist, who has taught art at all levels and who exhibits nationally. She also partners with various non-profit organizations to create exhibitions that are specific to their community.

You can find more of Carolyn’s work at her website.

Portrait Alexis Joseph

Alexis Joseph
Alexis Joseph graduated from Duke University in 2022 with a B.A. degree in visual arts.

Portrait Anastasia Kondratiuk

Anastasia Kondratiuk
Photographer Date of Birth: 1. April 1991 Education: Tavrida National V.I. Vernadsky University.