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Food Book – Call for your stories & recipes


FRIEDAcommunity is making a FOODbook and we would love for you to be part of it!

Unlike other cookbooks, The FRIEDAcommunity FOODbook is about memories and stories related to recipes rather than just the recipes themselves. It will be a true FRIEDAcommunity collaboration from and for all including our members, visitors, participants, writers, artists, cooks and chefs. This reflects FRIEDAcommunity’s approach to connecting people from all generations and all social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds through food, art, and culture, so they can inform and learn from each other.


  • Send us your food story
    This could be a personal memory, a significant event, or a family tradition. It could be a work of fiction, an illustrated narrative, or a poem. Any type of food-related story is welcome.
  • Send us your food art
    If you have art or images, photos, pen-and-ink drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, collages, etc. to accompany your story or recipe, please share them.
  • Send us your food recipe
    If you simply want to share a recipe, please submit it.


The FRIEDAcommunity FOODbook is an ongoing project. We plan to publish a free, digital version, and we hope to eventually create a printed version with our most remarkable stories, art, and recipes.

Any submission FRIEDAcommunity receives is considered a gift. FRIEDAcommunity reserves the right not to use any submission. In the event that the cookbook is ever monetized in any way, all proceeds will be used by our non-profit to further community engagement and fulfill our mission of (re)connecting generations.


Please click here to download the submission document.