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Community art installation

Uncertain times in March 2020 led us to begin this collaborative art project: #BlueAsAButterfly.

Since that time, 27,500 butterflies have been hand-cut by volunteers from FRIEDAcommunity and set free to fly above our space, both inside and out.
We combined blue, symbol of peace and serenity, with red, symbol of love, and later added a purple family.
Together, these beautiful winged creatures also represent spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life.

Neither the rain nor the wind has been able to chase away FRIEDA’s flutter of resilient butterflies. On the contrary, more butterflies of all sizes and shapes are gathering to fortify the protective canopy over the building entrance and enhance the flickering overhead lattice in the interior space.

In March 2022, we (still) feel the need to communicate strong symbols of peace, serenity, and love!

Join us to cut out new butterflies and spread the message!

Stop at FRIEDA to pick-up your kit.

Thank you:

Amy, Anna, Anthony, Barbara, Belinda, Bridjum, Candace, Charlotte, Damon, Dell, Donna, Dorothy, Dorothy, Ellen, Francine, Gay, Heather, Jamie, Janice, Joy, Judith, Judy, Julie, Lilu, Lina, Linda, Linda, Mark, Mariana, Martha, Mary, Mary Ellen, Mary Joe, Maureen, Mia, Michael, Mila, Pat, Patricia, Pam, Petrin, Robin, Ruth, Sara, Samy, Sharon, Tateina, Therese, Thomas, Valerie, Vanessa, Virgilia, Virginia, Xenia, Zara, Ziui, Zoraida, …