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Community art installation

It’s spring again at FRIEDA, more than a year after the pandemic locked down the world.

The earth’s cycle of rebirth, revival, and regeneration has come around once more. We are emerging from our cocoons of inactivity and seclusion to take flight and renew our activities, connections, friendships, and joys.

In March 2020, the FRIEDA community began a collaborative art project that created by hand 20,000 blue butterflies, enough to form a protective canopy over the building entrance and a flickering overhead lattice for the interior space. More than 60 community members contributed to this project that uses rare blue butterflies as symbols of transformation, renewal, freedom, and luck to capture the essence of FRIEDA.

While most of nature’s adult butterflies live only a few weeks and none live more than a year, FRIEDA’s flutter of resilient blue butterflies is entering its fifth season; we hope they will be remembered even longer. We celebrate their fortitude and strength, which sustained them through rain, wind, heat, and snow.
The blue butterflies are now merging with this year’s flutter of 7,500 new specimens, again created by community volunteers. We combined blue – symbol of peace and serenity – with red – symbol of love – to add a purple family swarming.

If you would like to document the process, just take a photo and share your photo with us.
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If you like to learn more about this project, please click here.

Thank you:

Amy, Anna, Anthony, Barbara, Belinda, Bridjum, Candace, Charlotte, Damon, Dell, Donna, Dorothy, Dorothy, Ellen, Francine, Gay, Heather, Jamie, Janice, Joy, Judith, Judy, Julie, Lilu, Lina, Linda, Linda, Mark, Mariana, Martha, Mary, Mary Ellen, Mary Joe, Maureen, Mia, Michael, Mila, Pat, Patricia, Pam, Petrin, Robin, Ruth, Sara, Samy, Sharon, Tateina, Therese, Thomas, Valerie, Vanessa, Virgilia, Virginia, Xenia, Zara, Ziui, Zoraida, …