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Alex Katz, Guggenheim Museum 1/20/23

Join FRIEDAcommunity excursion for a guided tour at the Guggenheim to view the new Alex Katz exhibition: “Gathering”.

Across eight decades of intense creative production, Alex Katz (b. 1927, Brooklyn, New York) has sought to capture visual experience in the present tense.
Emerging as an artist in the mid-20th century, Katz forged a mode of figurative painting that fused the energy of Abstract expressionism canvases with the American vernaculars of the magazine, billboard, and movie screen.
Staged in the city where Katz has lived and worked his entire life, and prepared with the close collaboration of the artist, this retrospective will fill the museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda. Encompassing paintings, oil sketches, collages, drawings, prints, and freestanding “cutout” works.


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