We are highlighting this month some pieces of Matt Higgins at our space. Matt will also engage with the community during an online workshop on May 1. 

One year ago, when the world was turned upside down, FRIEDA’s circle of friends grew closer. We all tried to help each other as much as we could, and so many of you supported FRIEDA in so many ways.

Last year, Matt Higgins, who was part of a previous exhibition at FRIEDA, posted this on social media: “...I have been thinking of ways to help those with unfortunate circumstances, and I soon settled on an idea to support local establishments and their employees with sales of my paintings. So, starting today and going forward...for as long as it takes, I will be posting photos of my small paintings some new, some a bit older for purchase. ...The first partner that I thought of for this project was FRIEDA for generations, a place filled with wonderful staff, thoughtful and kind owners, and a positive overall mission... .”
(This first picture sold immediately. Thank you Matt!)

At FRIEDA, we strongly believe in the idea of “stakeholders,” that “we are all in this together,” We realize that our lives are interconnected and that everyone’s achievements are made possible thanks to a guiding or helping hand. This same conviction applies to keeping alive our mission of (re)connecting generations.

FRIEDAcommunity is proud to again be showing some of Matt’s recent artworks.
A closer look: Ziui Chen Vance May 21 – June 20
Ziui Chen creates artwork that explores the Martin Buber concept that “all real living is meeting.” As our community explores new ways to come together, we welcome her latest works, which embody the vibrancy of spring.
“I often ask myself what it means to share a sense of others in a painting, to capture viewers’ gaze with sufficient sensitivity to their feelings, and to directly encounter their emotions through a genuinely healing power. My art is derived from both a visual presence of empathy and absurdity, an ever-changing field of stages creating a meeting between the two.”
Shortly after the lockdown was announced, we recognized the community would benefit from an uplifting, creative collaboration during the quarantine. Every step of this project was designed to bring people together in a safe way. From March to August 2020, over 60 community members of all ages have contributed from home by cutting out more than 20,000 pixelated blue butterflies from card stock.

Blue butterflies are a symbol of renewal, hope, and luck, and it feels that we all need a little bit more of this. Get your scissors ready! New butterflies will arrive in Spring 2021.
For thousands of years, nature has been a source of inspiration for human artistic endeavors. green, FRIEDA Group Art Exhibition III from March 20 - May 17 explores various representations of nature.
Join the artists whose artwork will grace our walls for the new FRIEDA art exhibition “green” Opening cocktail and reception Friday, March 20 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
In continuation with our theme green, Das Blumenwunder (Miracle of Flowers) from 1926, combines the much needed sciences of life with the spiritual and our emotions witnessing the spectacle of nature, both of which moves the viewers to great effect to music composed for this silent film by Eduard Kuenneke.
This is the third gathering of our “Food for Thought” series, which follows the panel discussion about homelessness and food insecurity in Philadelphia (spring 2019) and voices & social activism last fall.
This is the third gathering of our “Food for Thought” series, which follows the panel discussion about homelessness and food insecurity in Philadelphia (spring 2019) and voices & social activism last fall.
Join us for a literary event by writers celebrating an approach to green reading, new work, fresh work, early work, in a few different genres.
This FRIEDA Film, “The Biggest Little Farm” has viewers fall in love with nature and a more humane way of farming best described as the harmonious coexistence of men and nature. We are inspired to become stewards of nature.
The question posed by the artist: Can vegetables and/or fruits be burned and cast in a lost wax method? The answer is yes, as illustrated by the sculptures created here. The presentation will help the audience understand the step-by-step process of casting metal sculptures of vegetables.
This workshop aims to demonstrate how landscape photos can be altered through an active consideration of design and focus. The outcome of the workshop will be strategies to create landscapes that are personally expressive and detached from a “photographic reality.”
Hand Pulled Relief Prints
Have fun learning a new skill to hand craft single or multiple color prints. Participants will learn how to transfer a design onto a block, carve it and then print the block using water-based printing inks. Feel free to bring a simple drawing or picture to use as a reference for reproducing. You can take home a series of 5” x 7” printed postcards
Poetry Painting Workshop
This painting workshop will engage participants in the visualization of poetry and the technique of using language to create an illustrative painting. We will read the famous poem, “I Wandered as Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth.
Plein Air
This outdoor watercolor workshop is being held directly across the street from FRIEDA and will include a demonstration and individual instruction. During the first hour, Rob will speak to site selection, range of palette, composition, color layering and wet-on-wet techniques while he executes a piece.

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