"Voices" art exhibition at FRIEDA (September 25 - November 10 2019). 
Matt Higgins "Fear" 63” x 47” Oil and spray paint on canvas.
In what ways are you active at FRIEDA?
I was part of the art exhibition Voices in fall 2019 and led a workshop, Hidden Messages, Text in Painting. I keep in touch in a very organic way through postings of my work on Instagram, stopping by for coffee, or when asked to show some of my work in the space. In fact, I am currently showing a few pieces there. My connection is very easy with everyone at FRIEDA and is always enjoyable.
What did you think when you walked in the first time?
It looked like a multi-functional, open space neither this nor that, but many things at once. I was immediately excited about showing work there because the space was so well lit and open. 
How would you describe FRIEDA to a friend?
It’s a welcoming place that shows art, is involved with the community in a unique and sincere way, and it has food and coffee that taste amazing.
What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?
Seeing two talented musicians perform in front of my artwork. It was great having an audience, with the performers and artwork all together in the space.
Concert with Lyric soprano Erin Alcorn and Classical guitarist Leonard Ranallo. Recital of music by Manuel de Falla and Maurice Ravel. (October, 17 2019)
What does FRIEDA mean to you?
A place I can keep coming back to.
FRIEDA in one word:
Workshop "Hidden Messages, Text in Painting (October 13, 2019).
Matt instructed the group to start with the background and create layers of paint adding depth through overlays of color and texture ...
... At some point the participants should “destroy” what they have done by adding more paint and maybe even scratching the surface with the back of the brush to allow something new to emerge. “Stop when you feel it is finished!”
You can find more of Matt’s work at FRIEDA shop or check his website.
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"Voices" art exhibition at FRIEDA
(September 25 - November 10 2019).
Matt Higgins "Basketball Globe" 48” x 48” Acrylic and oil on canvas.