FRIEDA excursion: Yayoi Kusama “Every day I pray for love” David Zwirner Gallery, Chelsea New York (November 19, 2019).

How did you find/hear about FRIEDA?

A friend brought me to FRIEDA for lunch on December 23, 2015. I soon began bringing everyone I know…and a few people I didn’t. 

What did you think when you walked in for the first time?

Chic and cool, clean design and smart style: white walls, distressed ceiling, and a big open space. SoHo plus European café. Warm, friendly owners. Genial, professional staff. It was love at first sight! 

In what ways are you active at FRIEDA?

Pre-pandemic, Community Suppers and the French language group were probably the first events I attended, and it was easy to make new friends. Then I worked on participatory art projects, which complement FRIEDA’s ever-changing themes; this was so much fun and brought more new friends. Soon it was art openings, artist workshops, movie nights, an excursion to NY, panel discussions,…

Since last March, my connection with FRIEDA has been via Zoom, takeout meals, and outdoor dining whenever possible.
FRIEDA quickly mastered Zoom and I joined months of morning chats, game nights, cooking classes, and hilarious (often failed) remote origami workshops. Contrary to expectations, FRIEDA has used tech in ways that have enabled many of us to develop even closer friendships than we had before or would have developed otherwise.

During the pandemic, FRIEDA's creative approach to maintaining and expanding our community, lifting our spirits, and keeping us fed has been a godsend for me and so many others.

What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?

Mad Hatter Tea Party in March 2019, an unforgettable mashup of refined and rowdy: Homemade hats and costumes, food, drink, décor, street parade, entertainment – created around the Alice in Wonderland theme.

What else do you wish FRIEDA offered?

Karaoki night!

What does FRIEDA
mean to you?

FRIEDA's founders tirelessly and inventively enhance the life of our community by providing opportunities for connection, friendship, fellowship, nourishment, arts, culture, intellectual stimulation, social initiative, creativity, laughter, and joy. It has immeasurably enriched my life and my community.

FRIEDA in one word:


How would you describe
FRIEDA to a friend?

This has been somewhat tricky from the start. FRIEDA is one-of-a-kind, offering so much that it’s not easy to describe. So I simply bring friends to Frieda to experience it for themselves. They meet other guests and staff; savor food and drink from FRIEDA’s kitchen; and leave with menus, calendars of events, schedules of excursions, and an eagerness to return.
FRIEDA excursion.