How did you find/hear about FRIEDA?
My husband and I live around the corner, so we were extremely curious about what new business was coming to our neighborhood. We would constantly walk by to peek at the construction and finally learned of the brilliant concept for a café that unites the community.
What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?
Being a guest chef for the Passover seders. It was an absolute joy to collaborate on these special nights. Each time, I would be filled with such love as I looked around at all who had gathered around the table to celebrate together.
In what ways are you active at FRIEDA?
From mahjong to community art projects to meditation classes, it has made me feel like a part of my community. I have many wonderful memories of enjoying lunch or coffee with friends and family.
FRIEDA has hosted Pass/over dinners with the generosity and active participation of so many of our friends and neighbors. It has been a meaningful opportunity for discovery, understanding, reflection and sharing: The FRIEDA Pass/over dinner is another example of the many ways FRIEDA connects people from our diverse community.
The “family-style” dinner was prepared by Heather, Michael, Oli, Elton and David. 
What else do you wish FRIEDA offered?
Eggs Benedict! I’ve been asking for it since FRIEDA opened. As for events, it already offers more than one could ask for.
How would you describe FRIEDA to a friend?
It’s a café that connects the community.
What does FRIEDA mean to you?
FRIEDA is more than a place to get delicious food or the best coffee in the city. It’s a place to connect with others whom I would never have met elsewhere. It provides a true sense of community.
FRIEDA in one word: