Community Supper XXVI: The Italian Supper was the last stop of our culinary trip along the Silk Road. The Menu was inspired by Gabriellas’ childhood memories and some of her mother’s recipes. (November 2017)

What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?

  • FRIEDA has filled my personal and professional life with myriad unforgettable, precious, inspiring moments shared with family and friends. If I have to pick a single public moment, I would choose the dinner I prepared for the Silk Route dinner series. This experience - woven together by a collection of exquisite exhibits; talks; and delicious, cooperatively prepared foods - made FRIEDA’s mission come alive. The mixture of culture, gastronomy, art, history, music, and conversation created an unforgettable evening, made even more special by being able to share it with my son.
Le Feste Natalizie in Italia - Italian night at FRIEDA. Gabriela and Sandra took over the kitchen and delighted their guests with delicious food and story telling. (December 2016)

What did you think when you walked in for the first time?

It was so magical! I immediately loved the feeling that surrounded me as I walked through the space. It was almost as if those beautiful walls exuded a calm, gentle, grounding, harmonizing, and very peaceful energy from another time. I left believing that the simplicity of the space held many possibilities and, while curious and intrigued, I could never have imagined what was to come.

In what ways are you active

As a member of the virtual culinary team, I am privileged to host a monthly cooking hour from my home kitchen for community participants. On occasion, I lend a helping hand with other events.

How would you describe
FRIEDA to a friend?

I describe it as a vibrant, daring, courageous business with a huge heart and commitment to the common good. It makes a difference by offering a valuable product at a fair price and creating jobs for an intergenerational staff.. With core values of genuine kindness, caring, respect, authenticity, and integrity, FRIEDA offers a business model that everyone can feel proud to engage with and support.

What does FRIEDA mean to you?

FRIEDA means the world to me! Over the years, it has become a place of belonging, a second “home” and a safe haven. It also means fun, laughter, and friendship. It feeds my body, mind, and soul.
Its mission inspires and supports me in becoming a better human being and it fuels my desire to be of greater service in my communities.
It challenges my curiosity, creativity, and sense of adventure.
It consistently connects me to a deeper capacity to experience gratitude and love.
It inspires admiration for the talent, passion, tenacity, and sacrifice that go into envisioning and crafting this unique business model.

FRIEDA in one word:

FRIEDA (re)connecting online: Cooking with Gabriella. Homemade Pasta (without a machine). Gabriella cooks with the heart. She takes you on a personal journey from her native Piemonte to the jewel of a restaurant where her brother and mother hosted memorable dinners for guests and friends. (February 2021)
Gabriella and Gail making cookies. (April 2016)
Italian conversation. (July 2016)
Cooking workshop Al Fresco. (June 2018)
" ... Gabriella, What is the secret for light, fluffy gnocchi?" - “It’s all about how the dough feels, …”