"No matter what is going on at FRIEDA, you know that you will be around people who have ideas and a desire to see those ideas through". Scott Mitchel, Spanish instructor.

How did you find/hear about FRIEDA?

I first heard about it from a friend, who mentioned that FRIEDA was interested in finding a Spanish teacher. From the way she described it, I was interested right away!

What did you think when you walked in for the first time?

I could tell right away that it was a place where interesting people go and interesting things happen. It was as if I had been invited to a cool party, and I was just happy to be there. The high ceilings and the chic industrial feel of the interior grabbed my attention, and the large windows let in enough sunlight to give it a warm and comfortable vibe. I remember thinking to myself, “How have I not been here before!?”

In what ways are you active

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to give Spanish classes at FRIEDA, which is how I’m most active there. Teaching at FRIEDA has given me so much, in both experiences and relationships. Through meeting others, I’ve also attended some of the many interesting events hosted at FRIEDA. For me, just being there and talking to others, sharing stories, or having a coffee or pastry that is what being active at FRIEDA is all about.
Spanish Class at FRIEDA (October 2018).

What does FRIEDA mean to you?

To me, FRIEDA means passion. When I think of those who are involved there in so many ways with so many different activities, I think of people who are passionate. No matter what is going on at FRIEDA, you know that you will be around people who have ideas and a desire to see those ideas through. 

What else do you wish FRIEDA offered?

I believe that FRIEDA already offers so much that it would be hard to do more. With the excursions, community dinners, classes, art, and food, there seems to be something for everyone. Even during Covid, FRIEDA has adapted and offered so much online that everyone can find something interesting. If they were to add something else to the offerings, I would like even more local excursions around Philadelphia; there is always something new to discover!
Spanish Class for Beginner (March 2019).

What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?

Every class that I have ever taught at FRIEDA has been memorable. Meeting so many fun and interesting people through teaching is something that I will never forget. Just feeling that I am a part of this community has been so fun for me. Yet there is one moment that really stands out, and that is The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. It was one of the most creative and interesting events that I’ve ever been a part of. The incredible food and the amazing costumes, all of it was just so great. To this day, I feel so lucky to have been there!

How would you describe
FRIEDA to a friend?

I would describe FRIEDA as a friend. A friend is someone you can talk to at any time and experience cool things with. Even if you haven’t talked in a long time, when you finally do you’re the same good friends you were before. I know that when I’m at FRIEDA, I can talk to interesting people, and I’m all but guaranteed to experience something awesome whether it’s food or an event, even if it’s been a while since I was there. I know that I’ll feel welcome.

FRIEDA in one word: