Viviane is an educator and certified meditation teacher from the Chopra Center. The meditation program aimed at teaching you tools and ways to include meditation in your every day life.
More than two years ago, Viviane and her husband arrived in Philadelphia, and Viviane stopped at FRIEDA to introduce herself and ask what she could do for our community. After that, she used her skills as an educator to help organize the German conversation group, and she shared her passion for healing as a meditation teacher.

When Covid hit, Viviane offered free meditation sessions on FRIEDA’s Zoom to help participants deal with the effects of the pandemic on their lives. Week after week, she helped them relax, reflect, and find inner peace.

Unfortunately, her family's visa expired and Viviane had to say goodbye to Philadelphia and us in fall 2020.

How did you find/hear about FRIEDA?

A friend recommended it because of the people and their activities. I was looking for a place to share my meditation practices and to connect with people in Philadelphia. 

What did you think when you walked in for the first time?

I immediately knew that this was an extraordinary place. The people, the staff, and everything there were different from what you would expect when going out for a cup of coffee. I realized very quickly that this is not just a Café! I knew that this is the place where I want to spend more time.

In what ways are you active

I was teaching meditation and German. I also did a Mindful Summer Camp during August, 2019 ... what a great time we had!

What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?

The amazing art exhibitions and the workshops with the artists.

What is your most memorable moment at FRIEDA?

A vegan menu.

How would you describe FRIEDA to a friend?

A place where you can have great coffee and good food, but you also go there for the people.

What does FRIEDA mean to you?

FRIEDA was like a refuge for me, a place where I had so many deep experiences and I met so many people I was able to connect with. Thank you.

FRIEDA in one word:


As soon as the shelter-in-place was imposed, Viviane continued her sessions online for free, supporting our mission to (re)connect people. (March 2020)
Pre-Office Meditation at 6:30 am.
During Summer 2019 FRIEDA became for 6 weeks a place to practice mindfulness and to develop your own daily meditation schedule.