Many people have met at FRIEDA, became friends, others loved to keep their privacy and didn’t want to make big commitments. What they all have in common is their open-mindedness and curiosity.
So why not spent some time to explore or rediscover art & culture here and abroad and create memories together?
FRIEDA excursions are a great opportunity to visit art exhibits, museums, attend performances and other special events.
It is an easy and fun way to travel with a small group and share the experience rather than to do it on your own.
FRIEDA excursions are usually limited to 10 to 12 people allowing a more relaxed and intimate experience, small private guided tours, a stay at boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts, dinner at local favorites on the program.
(Currently only available for FRIEDAcommunity members + member's guest)
Day trip to Glenstone
Join us on a day-trip to experience Glenstone, MD. This unique museum was born from the vision of Emily and Mitch Rales, which is “... not only as a place, but a state of mind created by the energy of architecture, the power of art, and the restorative qualities of nature. At the core of the museum is a collection of post-World War II art, a very personal project driven by the pursuit of iconic works that have changed the way we think about the art of our time.”
Kusama: Cosmic Nature at New York Botanical Garden
Depart FRIEDA at 10:00 am – Arrive NY Botanical Garden around 12:30 pm – Picnic at the Clay Picnic Pavilions with your FRIEDA lunch box – Ticket with full access to exhibit including Infinity Room – Depart NY at 4:30 pm with happy hour served on the van – Arrive FRIEDA around 7:00 pm
Grounds for Sculpture
Join us for a day trip to explore or re-discover the collection at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ and view the Bruce Beasley retrospective featuring 60 years of work.
Carnegie Hall
Jonas Kaufmann and pianist Helmut Deutsch at Carnegie Hall Kaufmann’s robust tenor rings out once again with pianist Helmut Deutsch. (The final program is not available yet)
Cria – Dance performance at The Brooklyn Academy of Music
Cria is the embodiment of youth. Taking the movement vocabularies of dancinha, a hot mix of funk, samba, and breakdance, and passinho, the life force of favela culture, choreographer Alice Ripoll relocates the wild exuberance of adolescence through dance. 
Guggenheim Museum: Kandinsky: Around the Circle
Join this FRIEDAcommunity excursion for a guided tour at the Guggenheim to view the new Kandinsky exhibition: “Kandinsky: Around the Circle”. In “Around the Circle,” Kandinsky’s artwork will be presented in reverse chronological order — starting with his final paintings made in France and ascending up to his earliest work made in Munich. Considered one of the fathers of abstract art, Kandinsky’s oeuvre is one of spirituality. Having once taught at the legendary Bauhaus, the artist sought to instill this same mentality within his students — galvanizing them to create work that causes a “vibration in the human soul,” as Kandinsky once wrote in his 1912, Concerning the Spiritual in Art. (Source: Hype Art)  
Fall in The Berkshires
There is nothing like enjoying Art & Culture outdoors, especially with the fall foliage as the backdrop! And to do so, there is nothing like experiencing a FRIEDAcommunity excursion, a unique opportunity to explore with a small group (no more than 10 guests) of like-minded travelers and the FRIEDA team.
Join FRIEDAcommunity on an intimate trip for 12 nights & 12 days to experience creative and experimental Berlin and its surroundings for the first half of the trip followed by a leisurely road trip through the green and lush landscapes of the most eastern part of Germany to Dresden, crossing to Bohemia on our way to Prague in the Czech Republic. ...

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