Many people have met at FRIEDA, became friends, others loved to keep their privacy and didn’t want to make big commitments. What they all have in common is their open-mindedness and curiosity.
So why not spent some time to explore or rediscover art & culture here and abroad and create memories together?
FRIEDA excursions are a great opportunity to visit art exhibits, museums, attend performances and other special events.
It is an easy and fun way to travel with a small group and share the experience rather than to do it on your own.
FRIEDA excursions are usually limited to 10 to 12 people allowing a more relaxed and intimate experience, small private guided tours, a stay at boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts, dinner at local favorites on the program.
(Currently only available for FRIEDAcommunity members)
Day trip to Glenstone
Join us on a day-trip to experience Glenstone, MD. This unique museum was born from the vision of Emily and Mitch Rales, which is “... not only as a place, but a state of mind created by the energy of architecture, the power of art, and the restorative qualities of nature. At the core of the museum is a collection of post-World War II art, a very personal project driven by the pursuit of iconic works that have changed the way we think about the art of our time.”
Fall in The Berkshires
There is nothing like enjoying Art & Culture outdoors, especially with the fall foliage as the backdrop! And to do so, there is nothing like experiencing a FRIEDAcommunity excursion, a unique opportunity to explore with a small group (no more than 10 guests) of like-minded travelers and the FRIEDA team.
The FRIEDA excursion to Berlin is meant to confront the past with must-see monuments such as the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, Norman Foster’s Reichstag among others places of historic significance, while discovering the beauty, eccentricity and creativity of this unconventional and unique German city, also the capital of the country.
From the Pergamon and Museum Island to the Feuerle Collection and Sammlung Boros, you will discover a city where creativity awaits you in very unexpected places.

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