Social Tuesdays

Social Tuesdays are about meeting friends, making new ones while having fun, possibly learning something new, and hopefully sharpening those knitting, bridge or mahjong skills if that’s your thing.
FRIEDA is reserving the formal dining area of the space for groups to meet in an organized environment.
Pre-COVID, all the groups that met at FRIEDA had their own day, knitting, Spanish and Yiddish on Tuesday, Scrabble on Wednesday, Canasta and Mahjong on Thursday… Unfortunately given the circumstances FRIEDA is not able to make the same commitment at this time. This may change as more groups feel comfortable to meet in-person at a public space.

Social Tuesday from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
* This will be subject to recommendations and mandates issued by the City of Philadelphia and the PA Departments of Health.

Proof of vaccination for attendance is obligatory.

How does it work?

  • The group leader can call FRIEDA 215.600.1291 and make a reservation for the exact group size. (First-come-first-serve. The sign-up window closes when FRIEDA’s self-imposed maximum capacity for the space is reached.)
  • When attending, all group participants will be subject to recommendations and mandates issued by the City of Philadelphia, the PA Departments of Health.
  • Attendees have to show their COVID proof of vaccination when entering the space. Be aware if you can’t show a valid proof of vaccination, you won’t be able to enter the main area of the space. No exception will be made.
  • Guests who have not signed up for an activity in advance and arrive without registration cannot be guaranteed a seat to join the group activity. Drop-ins are discouraged.
  • Attendees will pay the minimum consumption at the end of their meeting when settling their open tab or by donating to FRIEDAcommunity.
    No outside drinks/ food are allowed.

Minimum Consumption on Social Tuesdays

1 hour – $ 8.00*
1.5 hours – $ 10.00*
2.0 hours – $ 12.00*

*plus tax (does not apply to donations to FRIEDAcommunity)
FRIEDA offers a wide range of beverages, cold and hot, as well as a variety of freshly made food options (baked goods, snacks, salads or sandwiches).

… or donate to FRIEDAcommunity

If you do not reach the minimum consumption, you may donate to FRIEDAcommunity the difference or balance owed. There is a piggy bank at the space.