A lifetime of art making, from reality to abstract

Jean K. Hamburg Midcentury Painter

One-time workshop: Painting+Poetry: Picture Prompts for Writers (June 4th 2017)
Perceptions, 1988
Acrylic painting on canvas
5 x 5 feet
Picture Prompts for Writers
(June 4th 2017)
Jean K. Hamburg had not shown her works publicly for years but agreed to show a selection of her life’s work for one afternoon at FRIEDA on March 19, 2017. A conversation with the artist was guided by Anthony Latess, an educator, artist, and poet whose own work incorporates photography and whose verse is inspired by personal experiences.

A very private Philadelphia abstract expressionist painter, Jean began painting as a child in the 1930s and has been creating remarkable work for over 60 years. She is an alumna of Moore College of Art & Design. The range of her painting spans every decade of her adult life.

Jean uses acrylics and watercolor and considers herself a “colorist,” as she creates custom palettes for each painting. She delights in showing her work to anyone visiting her Society Hill home where she retains a collection of framed paintings, some very large. In her late 80s, she felt she had painted her last work, but she had not lost her passion for art and agreed to show this selection and speak about her work.
Jean is a Philadelphia abstract expressionist painter who’s been creating all her life, from paintings as a child in the 1930s to her last work produced in 2016.
She is an alumna of Moore College of Art & Design. The range of her adult paintings spans every decade of her life so far.

The afternoon at FRIEDA was a celebration of the work of artist Jean K. Hamburg with a viewing of selected original works and hosting a public conversation with Jean, moderated by Anthony Latess. (March 19, 2017)
So many people were inspired by the work on display and the friendship between the artists that we asked them to take it a step further on June 4, 2017, inviting others to explore this method of creative expression in Painting + Poetry: Picture Prompts for Writers.
Floret Jean Hamburg / Anthony Latess
“Our objective for this project was to share our individual talents and ideas and to create something new. Working together has drawn us closer as friends and artists and has helped to foster a high level of respect and regard for one another and our skills as artists. We share our work with the greater community...”